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In addition to Bluray TOS caps, there's also a growing collection of TNG Bluray caps as well as some DVD screencaps from the other series as well. And photos and fanart. Have a look around and please enjoy your stay!
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Photos & TNG Sections

Aug 21 2010
Category: Photos & Scans ,Star Trek: The Next Generation       Comments: Comments Off on Photos & TNG Sections

I converted TNG section to use Coppermine too. I also reuploaded DS9 and TNG photos in the Photos section because for some reason TNG photos were showing up on the DS9 page. Not sure what happened there ’cause I haven’t touched that section in months and it’s just a copy of my hard drive where the photos are in the correct folders. Oh well, it’s fixed now.


Aug 10 2010
Category: Site News       Comments: Comments Off on Upgrades

All Coppermines have been upgraded to latest stable release, and the Voyager gallery has a new theme.

TOS Update

Jul 14 2010
Category: Star Trek: TOS       Comments: Comments Off on TOS Update

Bluray caps from 2.02 Who Mourns For Adonais? are up!

New Look!

Jun 22 2010
Category: Site News       Comments: Comments Off on New Look!

Banshee made me a beautiful new layout for the main site—I hope you like it as much as I do :D Everything should be working correctly, but if you do come across any broken links or oddness, let me know!


Jun 2 2010
Category: Site News       Comments: Comments Off on Upgrade

I’ll be upgrading the Coppermines of both TOS and DS9 sections today. This is a BIG upgrade, so should something go wrong, I’ll fix them ASAP. Just wanted to let you know in case they’re closed a bit longer, or things look weird.

EDIT: Both upgrades went without a hitch, and the sections are open again.

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