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Star Trek TNG 3.17 Sins Of The Father Screencaps (Bluray)

I got the TNG Bluray sampler, and watched & capped the season 3 episode Sins Of The Father first.

thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0018.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0078.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0090.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0495.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_2523.jpg

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So far, judging by the this episode – I LOVE what they are doing! I have bad eye sight and wear glasses – watching this remastered version compared to the DVD/VHS I have, was like I had been watching TNG previously without my glasses on so everything was blurry and although I could follow the story okay, the image was fuzzy and now on Bluray, it was like I had my glasses on – everything was familiar but clear and detailed and clean. I felt like this was how it was supposed to have been all along!

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