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Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country Screencaps

So I had a lot of problems with this movie – first my library didn’t have it in Bluray last year when I capped the TOS movies and neither did my other usual sources (only the DVD was around and I wasn’t interested in that), but I re-checked my library last week after someone requested it, and now they did have it. Yay! I thought, I can finish my TOS movie capping. It’s the remastered Bluray, and turns out it’s absolutely horrid quality D: 😈 Looks more like SD blown up to HD, and all the people are wax figures. I’m so glad I don’t like the TOS movies enough to own them, because I’d have been wanting my money back had I bought it and not loaned it from the library :/

So I scrapped it, looked around anew and turns out that Amazon’s version is much, much better plus apparently it’s the original AR too, but a Director’s Cut. So I capped that instead, just for completion’s sake πŸ™‚Β  The screencaps are now up!

Have some samples:

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