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Closing Site

I’m closing my Star Trek site down when the domain expires on August 11, 2020.

– Please spread the word that the site is closing if you know people who would be interested! I’m giving blanket permission to download whatever you want from here, and also to upload the photos and screencaps here to other sites, on the condition that you credit Ariane of as the source.

– I’ll continue to post my Star Trek wallpapers to my personal site at You’re more than welcome to come see me there 🙂

– I shall still be capping Jeri Ryan on Star Trek: Picard for my Jeri site

– I’m open to adopting this site out if someone want to take over.

Some background on this decision:

I’m a spoonie with several chronic illnesses, and it takes up a lot of my mental energy having to worry about this site simply due to its sheer size (about 360GB as a write this). This site is the last big site I have, and just keeping it going takes a lot out of me. Also, not the big deciding factor, but still one I took into account: the number of visitors have been going down the last year or so, so it’s not as motivating to keep doing this as it used to be.

I’ve been a huge Star Trek fan since the mid 1980s and that hasn’t changed at all and likely never will; a huge part of me doesn’t want to give up. But fansites are a work obligation – I know people want and expect updates often and regularly. Even if there’s nothing to update with, there’s always the chance that the server will blow up, or database problems, or hacking or whatever. I’ve been through so many of these! So while most of the time everything goes smoothy and doesn’t require action, it’s always in the back of my mind that anything and everything could blow up any minute. I can’t remember what not worrying about it feels like. For a long time that was ok and I thrived with it all because I was healthy and normal. But with these illnesses, I don’t have energy left for creative things after taking care of the fansites. I want to try and use what energy I do have for more creative pursuits such as writing and making fanart and, especially, non-Internet related creative stuff. This has turned into more of a job than pleasure.

I’ve been doing this site in particular since 1997 and I think that’s long enough. Part of me is very sad to see this site go, it’s so hard to give it up… but it’s time for me to be more of a casual fan now.


Enterprise Season 1 Screencaps – 1×01-1×10

So… I think I said at some point that I don’t have plans to cap to ENT at all and that I consider the backlog screencapping complete once TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY’s 7of9 years are done.

Well… once PIC was done, it turned out that I feel reeeaaallly weird not having the pressure of having any Trek screencaps waiting to be worked on on my back… so have some ENT Bluray caps! Won’t promise I’ll do all the seasons, but I got all of S1 capped and ready to go and batch 1 is up now! 1.01-1.02 were up previously, but 1.03-1.10 are new.

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