Trek Caps

Fanart Update

Added my newest Star Trek wallpapers: 2x Lenore Karidian (from The Conscience Of The King), 1x Christine Chapel (The Naked Time) and 1x Kirk (also from The Naked Time) 🙂 Loved making these, and am very happy with them!

And also added Wiilie T’s newest collages:

The easiest way to see all the new additions is to browse by date.


Star Trek PIC 1×06 Delay

Just a quick note that I most likely won’t be able to watch or screencap PIC 1×06 until Monday due to personal reasons; sorry for the delay in getting the caps up! I’ll do it ASAP.


EDIT 2: Internal Server Error fixed!

EDIT: just noticed – PIC gallery is throwing up an Internal Server error. I’m on it!