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In addition to Bluray TOS caps, there's also a growing collection of TNG Bluray caps as well as some DVD screencaps from the other series as well. And photos and fanart. Have a look around and please enjoy your stay!
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TNG Update

Mar 25 2018
Category: Star Trek: The Next Generation       Comments: Comments Off on TNG Update

Bluray caps from 5.04 Silicon Avatar, 5.05 Disaster and 5.06 The Game are up!

The usual rules apply – credit, don’t hotlink, don’t ask for zips/rars

Gallery: Home > Season 5

Charlie X Tumblr Edits

Mar 17 2018
Category: Fan Works ,Other       Comments: Comments Off on Charlie X Tumblr Edits

I’ve added the first batch of edits for Charlie X, 13 of them all in all.

Downtime + New Tumblr

Mar 16 2018
Category: Site News       Comments: Comments Off on Downtime + New Tumblr

Liteseed stopped and it failed to restart, a manual restart was required. It happened during my host’s night, so that’s why the downtime.

Also, I needed to switch out  the site’s Tumblr account to a sideblog of my personal Tumblr account to make maintaining it easier. So if you followed the site’s Tumblr please follow again! The new URL is: https://startrekcentral.tumblr.com

Sorry for the hassle! 

HTTPS Activated

Mar 10 2018
Category: Site News       Comments: Comments Off on HTTPS Activated

I have activated https – you should now be automatically directed to https rather than http.

Everything Is Restored

Mar 5 2018
Category: Site News       Comments: Comments Off on Everything Is Restored

I have finished restoring everything, so everything should be up and working again!

As always, if you spot any errors or missing files, please let me know so I can fix them!

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