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In addition to Bluray TOS caps, there's also a growing collection of TNG Bluray caps as well as some DVD screencaps from the other series as well. And photos and fanart. Have a look around and please enjoy your stay!
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TOS update

Aug 30 2009
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HD DVD caps from TOS 1.23 Space Seed are back up!

EDIT to add: And so are TOS 1.22 The Return Of The Archons caps too!



Aug 22 2009
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Fanart and Photos sections are open; TOS section is open but doesn’t have anything reuploaded yet just information.

If you have my TOS season 1 HD DVD caps and want to help me with this site, I’d love to get some help with weeding out the bad caps—if I have help, everything will be back up much sooner! Contact me at ariane666@gmail.com if you want to help :)


New home

Aug 17 2009
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This site is now in its new home, offered by fan-sites.org. They also bought me the domain name on my behalf :D

All sections aren’t open yet, I’ll open them as I upload something to them. Fan Art, Photos and TOS will be the first to go, I think.