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TrekCaps.Net Gets The Ex Astris Excellentia Award

I never submitted this site for any awards, so it stunned me to learn that TrekCaps.Net was selected for the June 2012 Ex Astris Excellentia Award! Thank you so much, it’s an honor!

Although Ariane’s Star Trek Gallery had been in existence since the last century already, I only discovered the site some three years ago when I was looking for screen caps from the movie “Star Trek (2009)”. Ariane’s site at comes with a wonderful design and presents high-quality screen caps and high-resolution photos from all Star Trek series, plus some fan artwork. On the more technical side, it is not just another fan-made Star Trek image gallery but a professionally organized site that takes advantage of the latest techniques, much like commercial image communities such as Flickr or Deviantart. I would like to thank Ariane for maintaining the site for so long and for always keeping it up to date despite all the technical difficulties and occasional hosting disasters. This EAS Award is particularly well deserved!



Star Trek “Space Seed” Icons

I made 20 (+2 alternates) icons for Round 34 of startrek20in20 at Livejournal.

You can see the whole batch here – you’re welcome to use them but the usual rules apply:

  • Credit Me
  • Do Not Claim as your own work
  • Do Not Hotlink to any files in my server without my permission
  • Do Not Upload my stuff anywhere without my permission