Trek Caps

TOS 1.03 Where No Man Has Gone Before And 1.04 The Naked Time

Bluray caps from 1.03 Where No Man Has Gone Before and 1.04 The Naked Time are up!


TOS Updates

I’ve deleted the TOS screencaps gallery. The season 2 and season 3 caps that were up there, have been zipped up and being transloaded to Megaupload. They will be available as soon as Megaupload finishes transfering them, but they’re often slow about it so it could take a day or two.

Bluray caps from 1.01 The Man Trap and 1.02 Charlie X are up!


TOS Update

Bluray caps from 3.09 The Tholian Web, 3.10 Plato’s Step-Children, 3.11 Wink Of An Eye, 3.12 Elaan Of Troyius and 3.15 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield are up.