Trek Caps

Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country Screencaps

So I had a lot of problems with this movie – first my library didn’t have it in Bluray last year when I capped the TOS movies and neither did my other usual sources (only the DVD was around and I wasn’t interested in that), but I re-checked my library last week after someone requested it, and now they did have it. Yay! I thought, I can finish my TOS movie capping. It’s the remastered Bluray, and turns out it’s absolutely horrid quality D: 😈 Looks more like SD blown up to HD, and all the people are wax figures. I’m so glad I don’t like the TOS movies enough to own them, because I’d have been wanting my money back had I bought it and not loaned it from the library :/

So I scrapped it, looked around anew and turns out that Amazon’s version is much, much better plus apparently it’s the original AR too, but a Director’s Cut. So I capped that instead, just for completion’s sake 🙂  The screencaps are now up!

Have some samples:

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Enterprise Season 1 Screencaps – 1×01-1×10

So… I think I said at some point that I don’t have plans to cap to ENT at all and that I consider the backlog screencapping complete once TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY’s 7of9 years are done.

Well… once PIC was done, it turned out that I feel reeeaaallly weird not having the pressure of having any Trek screencaps waiting to be worked on on my back… so have some ENT Bluray caps! Won’t promise I’ll do all the seasons, but I got all of S1 capped and ready to go and batch 1 is up now! 1.01-1.02 were up previously, but 1.03-1.10 are new.

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