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Poll – Which Screencap Set Is Better?

I have posted a poll asking Which Screencap Set Is Better?? over at my screencaps site. I’d appreciate it, if you could a take a moment to look at it and cast your opinion. The results will directly affect my screencapping of Star Trek Voyager/Seven Of Nine, and possibly other DVDs. Thanks!



I’ll be upgrading the Coppermines of both TOS and DS9 sections today. This is a BIG upgrade, so should something go wrong, I’ll fix them ASAP. Just wanted to let you know in case they’re closed a bit longer, or things look weird.

EDIT: Both upgrades went without a hitch, and the sections are open again.



Fanart and Photos sections are open; TOS section is open but doesn’t have anything reuploaded yet just information.

If you have my TOS season 1 HD DVD caps and want to help me with this site, I’d love to get some help with weeding out the bad caps—if I have help, everything will be back up much sooner! Contact me at if you want to help :)