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2.10 Journey To Babel

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Total Icon count: 22

Icon Challenges:

fandom20in20 – Round 7

01. Obsession → This icon must feature lyrics from Obsession by Animotion. You can find them here. At least three letters
02. Not a guillotine → Heads, the only part of the anatomy of any being (human or not) appearing in your icon must be their heads. Any perspective is valid, any cropping, just their heads (or parts of those)… the necks are valid. But don’t show shoulders/rest of the body.
03. Easy → Make the icon look ‘simple’/easy. That’s it, without many layers or text, it’s not necessarily a hush icon theme but one that asks for you, the icon-maker, to create an icon that looks effortless. Which I know it won’t be since you probably will tweak all sorts of curves/colours/lights/etc. But make it look like you didn’t spend as much time as you probably will in the making. Of course you may just submit a cropped icon but unless your source is awesome in quality you probably will want to tweak it a bit ;).
04. Semantic Satiation → you must use this layer by [ profile] always_muneca. Feel free to change the little colour it has, you may also rotate it.
05. Ecstatic → Jumping elephant is not required but do interpret at will this theme.
06. Koala → Upside down. Create your icon and then flip it so the ‘bottom’ of it is at the top. Or the character/person in question could be upside down for any number of reasons so you may icon that moment too.
07. Duo → there must be two characters/humanoid beings in your icon. No more, no less.
08. River → Crying, sadness, etc. Anything that conveys the feeling of ‘sadness’.
09. RomeAll roads lead to Rome. Walking, in Rome, by the side of the road, in a car, looking at maps. This theme started with the idea of roads and walking but any other idea you have that somewhat relates to this line will fill this theme.
10. Pumpkin → This icon’s colouring must be in a warm, autumnal tone (reds, oranges, gold, browns, etc.).

CATEGORY: 5 in 1.
You have to make five icons from the same image. Easier said than done, I know.

The last remaining 5 icons are for you to do what you want with them (as the name indicates, it’s your choice!).

Not a guillotine
Semantic Satiation

5 CATEGORY – 5 in 1
You have to make five icons from the same image.

AC #01
AC #02
AC #03
AC #04
AC #05

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