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Reuploading TOS Caps – Want To Help Me???

Feb 25 2012
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Looks like Multiupload has closed its doors permanently. Guess I’ll be re-uploading all TOS caps, and this time they will be going to gallery. This won’t be a quick process, because I’ll have to weed out the bad caps and I loath doing that and it takes me hours to weed one episode. If anyone wants to help me do that, please please e-mail me at ariane666@gmail.com – you’ll get your name as a contributor right here on the site and my undying gratitude.

What helping me entail is the following: I’ll upload episode caps for you in zip or rar format, you download them and go through the about 3400 caps and weed out the bad and a lot of the duplicate ones. Then you upload the caps to my server. Either you (if you are familiar with Coppermine, or don’t mind learning) or I add them to the gallery – if you do, it’ll show in the gallery that you added them, so you’ll get the credit for the work you’ve done! You could do as few or as many episodes as you wish, and there’d be no deadline on how fast to get them up or anything like that. Basically, any help at all would be much appreciated indeed!

History Of The Site

Feb 25 2012
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I have added a page detailing the history of TrekCaps.Net


Feb 21 2012
Category: Site News       Comments: Comments Off on Multiupload?

What’s everyone’s experience lately been with http://www.multiupload.com? Have you been able to download from there or even get there at all, after the Megaupload shutdown? Reason I’m asking is that I have only been able to get there a few times since then because the site’s been nearly every time I tried to go there, and  the past week and a half or so, it’s been down every time. Wondering if they shutdown on their own (after Megaupload, I wouldn’t blame them), and I should just count all my TOS screencap uploads there well lost too :/

TOS Gallery Has A New Look!

Feb 7 2012
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TOS gallery (https://tos.star-trek.info) has a new look! The theme was created by Tathy of Night & Day, and I hope you love it as much as I do 😀

Star Trek TNG 3.17 Sins Of The Father Screencaps (Bluray)

Feb 1 2012
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I got the TNG Bluray sampler, and watched & capped the season 3 episode Sins Of The Father first.

thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0018.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0078.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0090.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_0495.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_3x17_SinsOfTheFather_2523.jpg

Gallery: Home > Season 3 > 3.17 Sins Of The Father

So far, judging by the this episode – I LOVE what they are doing! I have bad eye sight and wear glasses – watching this remastered version compared to the DVD/VHS I have, was like I had been watching TNG previously without my glasses on so everything was blurry and although I could follow the story okay, the image was fuzzy and now on Bluray, it was like I had my glasses on – everything was familiar but clear and detailed and clean. I felt like this was how it was supposed to have been all along!