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  1. Hi Ariane!

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you uploading all those screenshots, especially the new ones from “Picard”.
    One thing I noticed is that the “Last time on Picard” footage at the beginning of “The end is the beginning” ends a little earlier in the episode. The footage that shows the destruction of Mars is not part of the”Last time on Picard”-montage as it features new or changed footage, never seen before. The orbit shot of Mars, for example, was not seen on Picard before. The scene of information quickly flashing by in the android’s eyes was also not seen before. I think the footage sets up the scene of Picard and Raffi and Picard at Starfleet Headquarters. Maybe you can add screenshots from this short scene as well?

    Best regards!


    1. Hi Jörg! I rewatched the start and you’re right, the Mars attack isn’t part of the “previously on…” like I thought before (I thought we’d already seen that, it looked all so familiar to me but could be I’m wrong or that it was in the Short Trek instead). Either way, I’ve added screencaps 🙂

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