Trek Caps

TOS Update

I’ve started to feel like I want to finish capping TOS already (I’ve been capping it since 1996; first from VHS,then from DVD and now from Bluray) and also people keep asking me to upload the caps in zips/rars instead of galleries, and also because I can get the caps up a lot faster that way because I don’t go through and weed out bad caps if they go up originally in zips/rars… so the decision I’ve come to is that from now I’m going to upload unweeded zips/rars only.

The Screencaps–> The Original Series link now takes you to here, where you can find links to each TOS episode, whether it’s up in the gallery, or up in zips/rars on one of the upload sites.

New Caps

2.07 Catspaw (3535 caps)

* 2×07-Catspaw.part1.rar (95,8 MB)
* 2×07-Catspaw.part2.rar (95,8 MB)
* 2×07-Catspaw.part3.rar (95,8 MB)
* 2×07-Catspaw.part4.rar (78,7 MB)
* 2×07-Catspaw-NewEffects.rar (8.8 MB)

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