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Star Trek TNG 1.01-1.02 Encounter At Farpoint (Bluray)

4601 Bluray screencaps from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 1.01-1.02 Encounter At Farpoint are up. Sorted, gallery only.

thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_1x01-1x02_EncounterAtFarpoint_0507.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_1x01-1x02_EncounterAtFarpoint_1897.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_1x01-1x02_EncounterAtFarpoint_1902.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_1x01-1x02_EncounterAtFarpoint_4569.jpg thumb_ariane179254_StarTrek_TNG_1x01-1x02_EncounterAtFarpoint_2244.jpg

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Gallery: Star Trek TNG > Season 1 > 1.01 – 1.02 Encounter At Farpoint

Written by Ariane

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