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Hollywood Bar Messes Up Sites

My host’s partner,, activated today the Hollywood Bar on all sites without Gertie’s OK on the Bar design and in the process messed up the layouts of all the sites.

It’s been looked at now, and will be fixed ASAP but until then the Hollywood Bar messes up the layouts of the sites more or less, depending on the design.

Written by Ariane

Librarian, website maker, screencapper, writer, wallpaper & icon maker

2 Comments on “Hollywood Bar Messes Up Sites

  1. Ariane-

    Hello. How is the site coming? It looks great as usual. I always check in and have noticed the postings have slowed down. How is traffic doing?
    I have a few more “fan creations” if you want to add some content from some nutty fan. Me!


    1. Hi Greg! Yeah, it’s slowed down a lot. I’ve sort of gone off Star Trek a little as far as screencapping & watching etc. goes lately, partly because of needing the reupload all the TOS screencaps because of the Megaupload shutdown but also because I’ve been very much into a couple of other fandoms a lot the last 1,5 years or so. So Star Trek and some other sites of mine have suffered as a result. But I wouldn’t worry about Star Trek – I’ve been a fan since mid-1980s and the intensity of it comes and goes in cycles 🙂 So I’ll get back to it at some point 🙂 And yes, I’d love to add any fan content you have 😀 Just e-mail me at

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