Trek Caps

The New 2017 Star Trek Series + Reboot Movie Caps

I’ve gotten a few questions about whether I’ll be covering the new 2017 Star Trek series that is in development currently… the answer is, maybe. I’m definitely going to be watching it, no matter what. I’m tentatively planning on capping it, but that really depends on whether I like it enough to do that. It’s still way too early to say anything for sure. So no promises.

As for posting posting news and such about the new series – not planning to, no. There are other sites who do that stuff so much better such as TrekCore and TrekToday just to mention a few.

I also sometimes get requests/questions about the J. J. Abrams reboot films:

I have no plans to cap them, sorry. I capped only the first movie, and deleted them and that entire section from the site a year ago. They’re not really to my liking – I do watch them when they come out, but I that’s about the extent of the interest I have managed for the first two films (except for reading some fanfic which often is leaps and bounds better than the movies themselves, IMHO) and I doubt it’s going to change with the coming installment(s). I just don’t want to spend all the time and effort that it takes to cap and process and upload. If you’re looking for Bluray caps, check out TrekCore or Screencapped.Net I think they have the best caps. Oh – also, I don’t actually have the caps from the first movie anymore – I deleted them off my hard drive and backups back when I deleted the section off this site. So I can’t give them to anyone for re-uploading to their site or other purposes.

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