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Star Trek: Picard Gallery Open!

I’ve opened the gallery for Star Trek: Picard 🙂

You may also notice that all the galleries have a somewhat changed look – I want to have the Coppermine theme I used for the Picard gallery on all of them, but decided to re-use the  header images from the previous theme (because I still like them!) instead of making new ones… so if you can’t quite pinpoint what’s changed on TOS, TNG  etc… that’s why things look a little different but not entirely 🙂

I also switched out the enlargeit plugin for html5 slideshow plugin, which changes how the image is viewed: now when you click on a thumbnail, it’ll take you to the pictures page and shows the full-size image but automatically scaled down to fit the theme. If you save the image, no worries – you’ll get the full-size one! You can go through the album like this, or you can use the slideshow feature which can be started by clicking the button shown here in the screenshot in red:

Written by Ariane

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