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Written by Ariane

Librarian, website maker, screencapper, writer, wallpaper & icon maker

11 Comments on “Happy News!

  1. Great news! Does that mean it will continue to get updated or just stay as is (which is still fine!)

    1. The new owner said that she’ll need to find a capper so it’s going to stay as-is, at least at first.

  2. That’s great news! I was someone who contacted you but wasn’t able to help with a solution. I was actually getting ready to start downloading some of the galleries when I saw this post. So happy!

  3. If this does not work out I will gladly take this site over. So much work and such a valuable resource.

  4. Great news! Does this mean the site will continue uninterrupted, or will it be down temporarily?

  5. Hi Ariane. This is fantastic news! You’ve put such a lot of time and effort into this site that it would have been a terrible shame (and waste) to see it go. Best wishes to you.

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