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Star Trek: Picard 1.01 Remembrance Screencaps

Screencaps from Star Trek: Picard 1.01 Remembrance are up!

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EDIT to add: I don’t live in the US and as with DSC, we get PIC one day after the US airing. I’ll get the screencaps up ASAP, but it might take a day or two because I want to cap the good quality version. But I’ll get them up as soon as I can!

Star Trek: Picard Gallery Open!

I’ve opened the gallery for Star Trek: Picard 🙂

You may also notice that all the galleries have a somewhat changed look – I want to have the Coppermine theme I used for the Picard gallery on all of them, but decided to re-use the  header images from the previous theme (because I still like them!) instead of making new ones… so if you can’t quite pinpoint what’s changed on TOS, TNG  etc… that’s why things look a little different but not entirely 🙂

I also switched out the enlargeit plugin for html5 slideshow plugin, which changes how the image is viewed: now when you click on a thumbnail, it’ll take you to the pictures page and shows the full-size image but automatically scaled down to fit the theme. If you save the image, no worries – you’ll get the full-size one! You can go through the album like this, or you can use the slideshow feature which can be started by clicking the button shown here in the screenshot in red:

Star Trek: Picard & Site Future

I’ve gotten a few quetions whether I’ll be capping Star Trek: Picard when it’s released. The answer is yes… but that answer is contingent on whether or not I shut down this site.

For the past few years I’ve been wanting to reduce the number of sites I have, and have deleted more than half of them. But I haven’t been able to make a desicion about this one so far – I’m as big a Star Trek fan as ever, and this is one of my most dearest sites. But just capping TOS in full was my original plan, and then TNG because it came out in HD. This is one of the huge sites I have left, and I’m not enjoying/having problems extending the mental energy it takes to keep (especiallybig) sites going because the next server disaster is always just around the corner. Recovering from those can take months.  I have several chronic illnesses and I’m a spoonie and this makes it all even harder. I’ve had times in the last few years I’ve just wanted to wipe this site out of existence and be done with it, but I didn’t because I also kind of hate that thought and know 100% I’d regret it soon after. But I still kinda want to do it all the time. And I’m still hoping for DS9 and VOY in HD on Bluray, and already right now want to cap them in HD, so I’d likely just end-up restarting the site had I deleted it and then those two come on.

Also part of my consideration is Jeri Ryan who is my favorite actress, for whom I have a fansite as well (along with this one, these two sites are my oldest sites now! I started both in 1997.) and who will be appearing on Star Trek: Picard. I’ll be capping her in any case, and I suspect I’ll want to cap the full eps because of that.

So there’s a lot of waffling about going on about the site’s future, and has been for a while.