Trek Caps

Tos Update

Bluray caps from 3.05 Is There In Truth No Beauty?, 3.06 Specter Of The Gun, 3.07 Day Of The Dove and 3.08 For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky. Unweeded.


TOS 3.04 And The Children Shall Lead

Bluray caps from 3.04 And The Children Shall Lead are up. Unweeded.

3.04 And The Children Shall Lead


TOS Update – 2×23, 2×25, 2×26

Bluray caps from 2.23 The Omega Glory, 2.25 Bread And Circuses and 2.26 Assignment: Earth are up. Unweeded.

This completes season 2 😀


TOS 2.20-2.22

Bluray caps from 2.20 Return To Tomorrow, 2.21 Patterns Of Force and 2.22 By Any Other Name are up. Unweeded.


TOS Update

Bluray caps from 2.17 A Piece Of The Action, 2.18 The Immunity Syndrome and 2.19 A Private Little War are up. Unweeded.