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Star Trek TNG Season 1 Bluray

To my total surprise, I was financially able to buy TNG season 1 Bluray, instead of borrowing it from a friend or renting it. I ordered it from and they shipped it last Sunday, and it arrived yesterday (estimated delivery date was next Monday). I have watched several eps already, and I stand by what I said about the The Next Level sampler:

I LOVE what they are doing! I have bad eye sight and wear glasses – watching this remastered version compared to the DVD/VHS I have, was like I had been watching TNG previously without my glasses on so everything was blurry and although I could follow the story okay, the image was fuzzy and now on Bluray, it was like I had my glasses on – everything was familiar but clear and detailed and clean. I felt like this was how it was supposed to have been all along!

The quality change to the season 1 DVDs (which are only barely watchable IMO) is amazing – I couldn’t be happier 😀 If you’re a Star Trek fan and would like to see more HD TNG and in the long run, DS9 and VOY in HD, and you are financially able to, I urge you to buy this release ASAP and as new. The sales of it will decide the future of HD remastering TNG, DS9, and VOY. You can read more about it in TrekCore’s great review of the set.

Written by Ariane

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