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3 Comments on “Star Trek TNG 1.25 Conspiracy (Bluray)

  1. This TNG ‘Conspiracy’ episode is one of the creepiest and it is Great. Maybe the movie director guys could use this idea of making the upcoming Classic Horror Sci-Fi Movies; like they could do thousands or even billions of throat or neck swelling makeup air-bladders FX, alien mutant movies.

    They also should take this idea and turn it into ‘Conspiracy Within’ movie and maybe later on make several movie sequels.

  2. I like this episode of Star Trek: TNG ‘Conspiracy’ and I love how the way guy’s throat inflates out as if the alien is growing inside his body. I think everybody like filmmakers will take this idea of making a lot of Makeup Bladder-FX upcoming horror movies and I hope they will make billions of alienation movies soon.

    It would be cool if the alien-horror filmmaker guys will turn this conspiracy episode into dozens or hundreds of ‘Conspiracy’ horror films and do an over hundreds more Makeup Air-Bladders FX.

  3. This was always one of my favorite episodes, and I was disappointed that TNG never had sequel to it.

    I don’t want other film makers to this and run with it – or more like, I think they already have and most failed. Seems like I’ve seen basically this idea repeated a million times in lousy B-movies and even worse horror tv series… it’s been done to death already. It’d need exceptional writing for me to bother seeing yet another version.

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